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Kids Dentistry

We have an amazing team of hygienists here at Newcastle Smile Centre.  Our focus with children is to work with them at their comfort level.  We continually moniter their growth and development at every visit.  We also assess their homecare routines.  We use a special and safe solution called a disclosing solution on the teeth which makes plaque visible as pink or purple.  This helps us identify areas of homecare which can be improved.  The hygienist will usually show the child proper brushing technique on one side of the mouth and have the child duplicate it on the other side.  We find this approach to be a very effective tool to help teach young children proper homecare routines.  Parents are always welcome in the room.  We always ask parents to help the child brush and floss when they are young.  With the disclosing solution, parents can also see areas which they can keep clean for the child in between dental visits.  We find this interactive approach to be very successful in helping the child keep a healthy dentition.


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